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Hostgator Domain Names

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About Hostgator Domain Registration

Hostgator is a company renowned for offering the best web hosting services. Despite web hosting being a totally different aspect from domain registration, one can still have access to Hostgator Domain Names and go ahead to experience an extremely fascinating web experience. Provided you have an active account with Hostgator, you can go right ahead and purchase from a wide range of domain names they offer.

Hostgator Domain Coupons

Domain order

Most Hostgator Domain Names can be ordered via their registration tool while others may demand one creating a ticket in order to order one.

They are limited to .com, .us, .org, .info, .biz, .me, .net and .co, and one can place their order(s) online anytime provided they have an active credit card/ PayPal account.

Some domains, however, require a ticket request, which can be created through hostgator’s billing department. Always be sure to include the domain name you wish registered and the billing department will promptly get back to you to make a confirmation of the order and payment method.

Hostgator domain registration

As a consumer, it’s advisable you learn more about your rights by visiting ICANN’s ( Internet Co-operation for Assigned Names and Numbers) website, which is a company that regulates domain registration.

Hostgator can host any domain name, provided one points the DNS to them. Always ensure the domain is not registered with embargoed countries. Nonetheless, other domain names such as .co.cc, ac.za or co.za, .hu, .de and many others require specific configurations in order for them to work properly.

Furthermore, Hostgator can register an array of Top Level Domains ( TLDs) and also Country Code Domains( ccTLDs & ccSLDs) with the exception of a few. Note that domains either registered or transferred via registar.hostgator.com are all registered with Launchpad. On the other hand, domains either registered or transferred via ticket can be registered with Launchpad or Hostgator/ eNom. Moreover, if you directly register any domain with Hostgator, always be sure to contact them for any help related to your domain(s).

What makes Hostgator Domain Names unique and better compared to others?

Hostgator domains come along with free features including:

Domain locking
This is an absolutely free service. It entails all your domains being locked by default with Launchpad. This will be key to preventing domain hijacking, in addition to unauthorized domain changes.

Domain renewal
This is a completely free feature that entails your domain being automatically renewed with Launchpad in order for you not to lose it. Sometimes we tend to posses multiple domains which can later turn in to a real tough challenge when one needs to renew each of them due to forgetfulness. Well, the good news is that Launchpad will take complete care of the process on your behalf.

East to manage domains
The domains are easy and convenient to use since one can easily change nameservers for each and every domain in the management panel, in addition to creating their own nameservers.

Points to note

• Upon complete registration of your Hostgator Domain Names, you’ll be required to validate the order. This is in accordance with the stipulations of the domain registration regulation company we mentioned earlier.

• Failure to pay the domain renewal fee will see your registration interfered with which will eventually bring your site down. However, if you happen to pay the fee after that, you site will be up and running in a just a few days.

• If you wish to initiate a domain transfer, it’s recommended you do so one month prior to expiration in order to avoid any mistakes.

With prices as low as $12.95/year, Hostgator still qualifies as the premier domain registration company suitable for anyone interested in registering a domain. It’s common experiencing technical issues with your website but this doesn’t have to worry you since their friendly and award winning technical support team is always on stand by to attend to you.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Whether you are starting a new blog, or you are developing an e-commerce website, the webhost you use can make a huge difference in how your blog or website is accepted by visitors. If the host has a lot of downtime, or errors arise often, visitors will get extremely frustrated, and will not stay, or return to your website.

Both Hostgator and Dreamhost are top rated wordpress hosting sites. Most webmasters have discovered that using wordpress to set up any type of website is the most sensible way to fly in today’s world. It is much easier to just design your blog or e-commerce website through wordpress than it can be using the many expensive programs sold today. What you actually want to spend on is top rated hosting, and that is the reason for this article: The Webhosting Battle: Hostgator vs Dreamhost.

Dreamhost vs Hostgator

Yes, you can find cheaper hosting for your website or blog, but that is exactly what you will receive…cheap hosting that has a lot of downtime and errors. With both Hostgator and Dreamhost, we are looking at what is probably 2 of the best hosts available. So which one is better? We will look at some of the features, and our opinion will come at the end.

Hostgator has plans that start at a very reasonable $3.71 per month. They offer a wide variety of choices that range from what is called a Hatchling hosting plan up to a Business hosting plan. Hostgator also has many coupon codes available.

Dreamhost also has a wide variety of plans but they start at $8.95 per month. Yes, it comes with a free domain, but is that extra money worth it?

Speed and Uptime
Hostgator is partnered with Softlayer which is one of the largest data and network providers. Using the best servers made by Dell, the speed and uptime from Hostgator is outstanding. The experts at Hostgator are in constant contact with providers like:
· AT&T
· Cisco
· Time Warner
· and more

Doing so guarantees the best speed and uptime possible.

Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime, but when studying the truth, it is only up 99.5%. Dreamhost is in partnership with Los Angeles based Alchemy Communications who just do not match SoftLayer’s expertise.

Tech Support
Both companies have great technical support, but Hostgator stands taller in this category. Hostgator offer 24-7 support through email, live chat, or a toll free phone. Dreamhost also offers support 24-7, but only through email.

When you look at the benefits of the plans, we considered the simple Hatchling plan through Hostgator that starts at $3.71 a month versus the shared plan from Dreamhost at the $8.95 a month price. The Hostgator plan has all these benefits:

· Instant Backups
· phpMyAdmin
· Shared SSL Certificate
· osCommerceL
· Cube Cart

Dreamhost has none of those and costs over $5 a month more.

Last, but certainly not least, customer satisfaction wins hands down in favor of Hostgator. Using statistics from the reviews all over, Hostgator wins.

There you have it. Hostgator is the winner in our opinion. Dreamhost is a good hosting choice, but overall, you will have more satisfaction with Hostgator.

Hostgator vs HostNine

Web hosting is the procedure by individuals and corporate entities to contract the services of an Internet Service Provider in order to make their websites accessible to the global audience over the World Wide Web platform. This is done by leasing storage space from an Internet Service provider firm as well as data back-ups, back-end support services, file maintenance and security features among many others. Several firms exist that perform these functions. Two of the most notable ones are: Hostgator and HostNine Companies respectively.

Hostgator vs HostNine

Hostgator is a leading Internet Service Provider that is headquartered in Houston, Texas with another branch in Austin, Texas. It provides the services of dedicated web hosting, shared servers, reseller hosting, and virtual private servers. It has an estimated client base of around eight million. Several factors abound as to why Hostgator is preferred by many a would-be customers.
First and foremost, their services are tailored to meet he unique needs of the customers. Hostgator understand that different customers have different needs. Some are professionals within the Information and Communication industry whereas others are completely ignorant of internet issues. Hostgator thus endeavours to assist each customer uniquely and n every step of the way till all their needs is met and they are completely satisfied. Secondly, Hostgator provides round the clock customer care services throughout the year. All queries and customers needs are met n a timely and efficient manager. Thirdly, Hostgator does give a new customer a forty-five day grace period within which to try their services first. Should the new customer feel dissatisfied with their services, they are at liberty to opt out during which a complete refund of the subscription fee is effected. Finally, Hostgator guarantees a customer that all necessary efforts shall be made to enhance the visibility of their site once hosted. This enables the site to stand out from among others more so in search engines.

HostNine on the other hand is similarly a web hosting company that is headquartered in Austin Texas. It has a very huge customer base all across the United States of America. HostNine has achieved this fete due to a variety of actors that include but are by no means limited to the following:

To begin with, HostNine only uses high specification hardware. This guarantees safety of the data at its disposal. Secondly, its team of highly-skilled experts carry out the maintenance and service delivery to clients thus ensuring high service delivery. Thirdly, HostNine data centres are scattered across the globe precisely in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Singapore respectively. This guarantees users of their data at all times as it guards against risks associated with major catastrophes such as wars and earthquakes. Finally, it is worth noting that HostNine too does have the forty-five day money back guarantee, twenty-four hour, seven-day a week customer support as well as customised service delivery.

As can be deduced from the arguments above, Hostgator undoubtedly stands out as the more reliable, efficient and preferred of the two Internet Service Providers for potential customers. That stated HostNine stands as a good second choice.

Hostgator vs Namecheap

Without a doubt, VPS hosting is the ideal bridge between dedicated servers and shared hosting. It is very popular with web masters as it seeks to attend to both the needs and budgets of the users. This is the reason many web hosting company seek to move heaven and earth to offer competitive VPS plans.

Hostgator and NameCheap are one of the two top providers of VPS hosting service. If you are looking to get a VPS service provider, you probably are curious as to which offers better service between the two right? If you are in this dilemma, this comparison will come in pretty handy to help you make the decision. Find below a comprehensive comparison of their features, price, technical support and performance in a very comprehensive manner. Hostgator vs. NameCheap overview.

Hostgator vs Namecheap


Hostgator provides 4 managed plans and 5 Semi-managed VPS hosting plans. You probably are wondering what the difference between the two is right? Well, the difference between managed and semi managed comes in the exclusion and the inclusion of the cPanel. The standard price for the semi-manage plans range from $19.95 – $149.95 per month and th price for the managed plan, at the same level is normally $10 per month higher and ranges between $49.95 – $159.95 monthly.

NameCheap on the other hand makes available VPS packages namely; VPS 3, VPS 2, VPS 1 AD VPS Lite. The price for each are $69.95, $49.95, $29.95 and $19.95 every month. The prices are all competitive right? You should know however that these are plans that are unmanaged. You would have to pay about $30 – $75 more to get server management.


· All of the Hostgator VPS plans and accounts come inclusive of the below features;-

· Full root access

· Unlimited sub domains, domains, email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.

· Private name servers among many others.

With the managed plans, HostGator provides a free onsite builder software for all the newbie site developers, cPanel, free site transfer, MySQL, domain transfer, script transfer along with 4500 free site templates.

NameCheap offers close to the same features only that when it comes to the CPU core it has 1 as opposed to 0.5 as that of HostGator, 15GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth and 1 IP.

Speed and Uptime

Performance is a very important factor for webmaster, and HostGator provides and operates at a high performance network making use of the technologies that are the latest. Its network infrastructure is powered by equipment from companies including Arbor Network, Cisco and Juniper. NameCheap also makes use of the latest technologies and companies. Its reliability and speed are of the highest quality.

Technical support

Hostgator provides high end tech support in a variety of ways namely; phone email and chat, available 24/7. They also have available blogs, forum and video tutorials. They excel in their response time too.

NameCheap on the other hand offers help through live chat and email only. It does not make available a toll free phone option which seems to be the most effective. In addition to this however, it makes available community forums and how-to videos.

With the above comprehensive comparison, you should be well on your way to making the right and informed choice.

Hostgator vs HostMonster

HostGator and HostMonster provide affordable web hosting packages. However, the fact that web hosting service is a very sensitive area from any business’ viewpoint; it is a matter of clever analysis of few basic parameters. HostGator has always remained the ultimate choice for many business owners beating HostMonster and other web hosting companies in the industry. The following comparison just goes to show why HostGator is more of a preference than HostMonster;

Hostgator vs Hostmonster


HostGator is a fully fledged web hosting company with a broad range of plans to cater for the diverse types of customer requirements. Right from the basic domain plan called Hatchling plan going for as low as $3.96 per month, to the unlimited Business plan domain with lots of freebies going for $10.36 per month, one can really get a wide spectrum and range to choose from. On the other hand, HostMonster avails only a single hosting plan that accommodates all their services. It would therefore be difficult to work with HostMonster when you don’t want to pay for an entire plan with containing some unnecessary features for your business.


Scalability is without doubt the catchphrase in the IT industry as it is extremely essential from perspective of growth. Any software, resource or hardware must have the capacity to expand its limits and capabilities with respect to the ever growing customer specifications. The comparison between HostMonster and HostGator plainly reveals downsides with HostMonster as far as scalability criteria are concerned. It could be an excellent option for small scale or newbie needs such as an enterprise site or personal blog, however for an effective solution and a futuristic approach for your business, you need to have HostGator on your side to efficiently deal with the expanding traffic.

Customer Orientation

With over 9 years of expertise in the IT filed and a large client base consisting of over 800, 000 domains; HostGator is without doubt the best in customer orientation, support and satisfaction. This can be clearly noted in hundreds of credible reviews, forums and blogs available on the internet. HostGator has a world class customer care center that is full of technically sound professionals and staff, capable of dealing with the needs of every customer. It takes an average of 50 seconds to have your call answered by the HostGator customer care attendants. On the hand, takes more than a minute for HostMonster attendants to respond to your calls. Benchmarking HostGator vs HostMonster on customer satisfaction, the latter definitely exceeds expectations at most times.

Operating system flexibility

Here again, HostGator remains the better option because it is entirely flexible with any operating system. In fact, it provides very attractive solutions for Windows as well as Linux. In addition, one gets to enjoy superb technical support too beyond the commercial aspect of it. It is extremely hard to find this feature with any other provider including HostMonster.


Considering these and many other things that come with HostGator and are not rare to find in HostMonster; it’s undoubtedly clear to see that the former is indeed the better option. Therefore, if you are having dilemma on what to go for, you now definitely understand that HostGator is the king of the game.

Hostgator vs WebHostingPad

Customer satisfaction is greatly influenced by the quality of the web hosting service provided whether the client is a small, medium or large business. HostGator is a based in Houston and is a shared, reseller and private server founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. WebHostingPad on the other hand is a robust web hosting service which provides site creation and hosting services. Below is a comparison of the two hosting service providers in several aspects.

Hostgator vs WebHostingPad


HostGator Dell servers are stored under a cutting-edge technology which covers security, cooling, power and safety for the ultimate performance. WebHostingPad data center which is located in Chicago has its data characterized with redundancy in power, fire suppression and reliable security. A close scrutiny of both companies showed that HostGator is more reliable comparing the number of downtimes experienced. WebHostingPad relies on high quality networks to ensure websites take a fast and efficient data route.


Despite the fact that HostGator has more advanced technologies like Curl, GD 2 and Ruby on Rails, both companies are well equipped with top-notch features to ensure customers get the best in terms of management and maintenance of websites. This includes an unlimited of disc storage, free advertising credits, unlimited e-mail, Python, cPanel Control panel etc.

Hosting speed

The browsing experience of clients is directly affected by the hosting speed. Hosting companies including the two have hence done their best to increase their hosting speeds to satisfactory speeds. A recently conducted performance testing showed that HostGator’s speed is 134% faster than that of WebHostingPad hence the reason as to why most customers are more attracted to the former. Besides, HostGator has a power plus plan option where you can pay a little more for safer hosting services.


HostGator provides its services for $3.96 monthly down from $6.36 which is a significant amount of discount. The 20% discount has led to a huge increase in the number of clients hence the company has come up with a special coupon known as BWH25Percent which enables customers to purchase the services at $3.71 which is a whopping 25% discount. For WebHostingPad, their discount allows clients to sign up at $1.99 per month though the rate is available for long billing cycle plan i.e. the 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year plan.

Customer care and support

Both HostGator and WebHostingPad provide sufficient technical support to customers 24/7. The support services are via email, live chat and phone. In case you have any problem, both webhosting providers have been found to provide a solution within ten minutes! However, HostGator’s response is found to be a minute faster than WebHostingPad’s.


The robustness of the two companies’ web servers provides a minimum of 99% uptime for all customers hence a tie. The websites hosted by the two companies are accessible through the stable network for their servers are located at strategic locations for high levels of redundancy and efficiency.


The in-depth comparison clearly reveals that HostGator is the better Web hosting provider than WebHostingPad for it is cheaper, faster, has higher customer satisfaction and has a higher performance. The limitation of WebHostingPad is that it is not powerful enough though it is the cheapest option for Linux hosting services for it provides services to approximately 200,000 domains worldwide.

Hostgator vs Justhost

There are a large number of web hosting services that enable you to host your websites and other servers online. These servers are tested over times and the major factors that distinguish a high quality server from the rest are the uptime and response time. However, these factors are dependent on a large number of internal factors that we often tend to ignore.

Hostgator vs Justhost

Here, we review a few factors that distinguish the global giant HostGator from a much more cost efficient service provider JustHost.

1. Bandwidth Per User
The Hostgator servers offer a much better bandwidth to user ratio. This makes the response rate of the servers much better than the average response rate of all other competitors.

2. More Space Per User
The Hostgator servers have enormous storage space, added to it the discs are regularly maintained to offer more space to every user. Although all the hosting service providers claim unlimited space, but there is a fine print in most of them.

3. More Reliable
Hostgator is much older than the rest of the competitors which include Justhost. The hosting service provider has provided seamless service over a long period of time.

4. Great Support
The support staff of Hostgator is much better than the rest of the competition. While most of the service providers send generic responses, the Hostgator support staff sends a personalized message to each customer complaint.

5. Promotional Offers
There are consistent promotional offers on Hostgator, these offers enable you to get better bargain on all your purchases. While other sites do not have regular offers, there is a chance where you need to host multiple sites on multiple hosts. Hostgator does not offers huge discounts like many newly launched service providers, but it offers the maximum discount that any established and reliable hosting service provider offers.

6. Familiar Interface
The CPanel interface used by Hostgator is the generic CPanel interface that we all are familiar with. The other hosting service providers do not have that interface. They customize the interface that makes it hard for a new user to use.

7. Data Security
Hostgator protects your data like no other web hosting company. They have hired third party data security vendors apart from their own high end firewalls and data security systems. These third party vendors help Hostgator servers to remain ahead of the current injection and hacking tactics. That makes your online data and databases safe.

8. Data Recovery
The data saved on Hostgator servers has multiple backup, so you can use a Hostgator server to store your personal data. The data is safe and there are no chances of data loss. You might take a hosting server to store your personal photographs and other data too.

A study of Hostgator vs Justhost hosting service providers gave an insight on the type of hosting providers. There are some highly reliable hosting service providers that fight with each other on the quality of hosting services they provide, while there are other which offer services at a very low cost. They are at price war with each other.

Hostgator is a service provider which offers the fruits of both the world. If offers high quality services like premium hosting service providers, but also offers the similar price offers like many low cost service providers.

Hostgator vs SiteGround

HostGator and SiteGround are two mega companies specializing in web hosting services. Due to the manner of operation of the two companies especially cost (they are extremely cheap), it’s very difficult for customers to decide which to choose between the two. In order to establish the better professional web hosting Company between HostGator and SiteGround, we take a detailed review of their features, speed, up time, price and technical support.

Hostgator vs Siteground Review

Features and Price:
Having been a dedicated web services provider for over a decade now, HostGator offers, on top of 3 upgradable web hosting plans; several dedicated server plans and VPS hosting. For as low as $3.71/mo, subscribers enjoy unlimited disk space storage and bandwidth, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Ruby on Rails, SSH, Shared SSL Certificate and $100 Google AdWords Credits.
SiteGround too offers 3 upgradable shared web hosting plans though limited to under 100,000 monthly visits! With packages starting at only $3.95/mo, they are affordable though still slightly higher than HostGator. SiteGround features are almost similar to those of HostGator but their Disk Space is only 10 GB (HostGator – unlimited), lack Ruby on Rails and shared SSL Certificate Services. Unlike HostGator, SiteGround subscription comes with no Google AdWords Credits.
Another feature under this category very important to note is the refund policy. Both companies have a refund policy in case the user finds their services unsatisfactory. HostGator refund wait time is only 30 days while for the HostGator, one has to wait for up to 45 working days.

Up time and Speed:
The quality of data centre, network facilities and the up time speed of the two service providers cannot go unnoticed. Both companies scored impressively when it came to performance, backups and network connectivity. Both have several first-rate data centres featuring power generators, multiple power feeds, enterprise-class UPS backups and high-end physical security to ensure stability and optimal performance of their customer’s websites.
Though amid all these similarities, again HostGator beat SiteGround in server response time – with HostGator averaging at 330ms and SiteGround 500ms – HostGator was found to be 50% faster.

Technical Support:
For online businesses, responsive and professional support is very important, especially for businesses without their own technical support staff. Both HostGator and SiteGround proved to offer 24/7 support either via phone, live cam chat or by email.
Users reviews have ranked HostGator on top of SiteGround in terms of technical support team response time.
HostGator scored: 33 seconds on phone vs 60 seconds by SiteGround team; 40 seconds on live chart vs 52 seconds by SiteGround team and 4 hours for emails vs 7 hours email response time by SiteGround team.

4. Customer Satisfaction:
From a survey carried out for the last 6 months over 250 premium subscribers from each of the two sites, SiteGround scores 99.1% customer satisfaction while on the other hand HostGator scores a whole 99.9% Customer satisfaction. The survey questions were also based on performance, prices, up time, speed and support.

Which is the better Web Hosting Service between HostGator and SiteGround?
Both HostGator and SiteGround are great Web Hosting companies for your online business. But, from the features, price and performance we have noted above; as well as the user reviews, we personally recommend HostGator as the company scores much better than SiteGround.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web

HostGator is among the most popular web hosting services and so is Liquid Web. Both the services offer great features but which is the best among the two? Depending on popularity, Hostgator is definitely the best. With over 2 million sites hosted on HostGator, it is evident that most people trust HostGator to Liquid Web which has slightly over 40000 sites hosted under it. When asked for the best among the two, most webmasters say they have not heard of Liquid Web. To this end, HostGator is recommended. However, Liquid Web is not that bad and also offers great services too.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web

Below is a detailed comparison of the two web hosting services:


The two have a number of similarities and a newbie looking at HostGator vs Liquid Web may be lost for choice. Both have unrestricted email accounts and unrestricted MySQL databases. Both hosting services are integrated with cPanel with the 1-click script installer making the installation process easy to handle. However, there are a number of differences that sets the best of both. A resolved comparison between the HostGator business plan and the Liquid Web standard plan shows that HostGator is the best. While HostGator offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, Liquid Web offers 120 GB and 5 GB SSD for the two respectively. They share most of the programming languages such as PHP 5, Perl, MySQL 5, SSH and Python. However, HostGator has two extra languages; Ruby on Rails and SSL. Again, HostGator beats Liquid Web.


HostGator has been in the industry for over ten years. Webmasters who have hosted their sites on HostGator have never faced disappointment and the number of transfers from HostGator is low as compared to the number of transfers into HostGator. The company has large data centers where they house their servers. The data centers are SoftLayered. The high-tech systems in their data centers guarantee great performance and relaibility. They have redundant power with fire detection and fire suppression systems. The data centers are monitored 24/7 to ensure that a problem is detected early and dealt with instantly. To this end, HostGator customers will never have sudden interruptions. The average uptime for HostGator is 99.99 percent.

Liquid Web can also be relied thanks to their data centers located in Michigan. The company have three data centers each of which has a number of backup power generators with a runtime of up to 24 hours before refueling. They test the generators every week to ensure they are in good condition. The UPS systems that safeguard their data centers keep the company reliable and ensure there are no interruptions. The redundant battery and bypass cabinets ensures the data centers do not lose their power. The uptime for this company is 99.94 percent which is slightly lower than HostGator’s.

Support and Prices

Both companies offer a number of support features which include Live Chat, community forums, phone, Email and help platforms with video tutorials and articles. HostGator has more than 700 articles and over 50 video tutorials while Liquid web has a couple of videos and a few hundred articles. The response time for the two sites is almost the same. With millions of active members on HostGator’s community forum, you get help with ease. Liquid Web is far more expensive than HostGator, a factor that has made it lose customers to HostGator. Besides, HostGator offers discounts and Liquid Web does not.

Based on the above factors, HostGator emerges the best in HostGator vs Liquid Web. It is easy to get started on HostGator.