Hostgator Domain Names

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About Hostgator Domain Registration

Hostgator is a company renowned for offering the best web hosting services. Despite web hosting being a totally different aspect from domain registration, one can still have access to Hostgator Domain Names and go ahead to experience an extremely fascinating web experience. Provided you have an active account with Hostgator, you can go right ahead and purchase from a wide range of domain names they offer.

Hostgator Domain Coupons

Domain order

Most Hostgator Domain Names can be ordered via their registration tool while others may demand one creating a ticket in order to order one.

They are limited to .com, .us, .org, .info, .biz, .me, .net and .co, and one can place their order(s) online anytime provided they have an active credit card/ PayPal account.

Some domains, however, require a ticket request, which can be created through hostgator’s billing department. Always be sure to include the domain name you wish registered and the billing department will promptly get back to you to make a confirmation of the order and payment method.

Hostgator domain registration

As a consumer, it’s advisable you learn more about your rights by visiting ICANN’s ( Internet Co-operation for Assigned Names and Numbers) website, which is a company that regulates domain registration.

Hostgator can host any domain name, provided one points the DNS to them. Always ensure the domain is not registered with embargoed countries. Nonetheless, other domain names such as, or, .hu, .de and many others require specific configurations in order for them to work properly.

Furthermore, Hostgator can register an array of Top Level Domains ( TLDs) and also Country Code Domains( ccTLDs & ccSLDs) with the exception of a few. Note that domains either registered or transferred via are all registered with Launchpad. On the other hand, domains either registered or transferred via ticket can be registered with Launchpad or Hostgator/ eNom. Moreover, if you directly register any domain with Hostgator, always be sure to contact them for any help related to your domain(s).

What makes Hostgator Domain Names unique and better compared to others?

Hostgator domains come along with free features including:

Domain locking
This is an absolutely free service. It entails all your domains being locked by default with Launchpad. This will be key to preventing domain hijacking, in addition to unauthorized domain changes.

Domain renewal
This is a completely free feature that entails your domain being automatically renewed with Launchpad in order for you not to lose it. Sometimes we tend to posses multiple domains which can later turn in to a real tough challenge when one needs to renew each of them due to forgetfulness. Well, the good news is that Launchpad will take complete care of the process on your behalf.

East to manage domains
The domains are easy and convenient to use since one can easily change nameservers for each and every domain in the management panel, in addition to creating their own nameservers.

Points to note

• Upon complete registration of your Hostgator Domain Names, you’ll be required to validate the order. This is in accordance with the stipulations of the domain registration regulation company we mentioned earlier.

• Failure to pay the domain renewal fee will see your registration interfered with which will eventually bring your site down. However, if you happen to pay the fee after that, you site will be up and running in a just a few days.

• If you wish to initiate a domain transfer, it’s recommended you do so one month prior to expiration in order to avoid any mistakes.

With prices as low as $12.95/year, Hostgator still qualifies as the premier domain registration company suitable for anyone interested in registering a domain. It’s common experiencing technical issues with your website but this doesn’t have to worry you since their friendly and award winning technical support team is always on stand by to attend to you.