Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Whether you are starting a new blog, or you are developing an e-commerce website, the webhost you use can make a huge difference in how your blog or website is accepted by visitors. If the host has a lot of downtime, or errors arise often, visitors will get extremely frustrated, and will not stay, or return to your website.

Both Hostgator and Dreamhost are top rated wordpress hosting sites. Most webmasters have discovered that using wordpress to set up any type of website is the most sensible way to fly in today’s world. It is much easier to just design your blog or e-commerce website through wordpress than it can be using the many expensive programs sold today. What you actually want to spend on is top rated hosting, and that is the reason for this article: The Webhosting Battle: Hostgator vs Dreamhost.

Dreamhost vs Hostgator

Yes, you can find cheaper hosting for your website or blog, but that is exactly what you will receive…cheap hosting that has a lot of downtime and errors. With both Hostgator and Dreamhost, we are looking at what is probably 2 of the best hosts available. So which one is better? We will look at some of the features, and our opinion will come at the end.

Hostgator has plans that start at a very reasonable $3.71 per month. They offer a wide variety of choices that range from what is called a Hatchling hosting plan up to a Business hosting plan. Hostgator also has many coupon codes available.

Dreamhost also has a wide variety of plans but they start at $8.95 per month. Yes, it comes with a free domain, but is that extra money worth it?

Speed and Uptime
Hostgator is partnered with Softlayer which is one of the largest data and network providers. Using the best servers made by Dell, the speed and uptime from Hostgator is outstanding. The experts at Hostgator are in constant contact with providers like:
· AT&T
· Cisco
· Time Warner
· and more

Doing so guarantees the best speed and uptime possible.

Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime, but when studying the truth, it is only up 99.5%. Dreamhost is in partnership with Los Angeles based Alchemy Communications who just do not match SoftLayer’s expertise.

Tech Support
Both companies have great technical support, but Hostgator stands taller in this category. Hostgator offer 24-7 support through email, live chat, or a toll free phone. Dreamhost also offers support 24-7, but only through email.

When you look at the benefits of the plans, we considered the simple Hatchling plan through Hostgator that starts at $3.71 a month versus the shared plan from Dreamhost at the $8.95 a month price. The Hostgator plan has all these benefits:

· Instant Backups
· phpMyAdmin
· Shared SSL Certificate
· osCommerceL
· Cube Cart

Dreamhost has none of those and costs over $5 a month more.

Last, but certainly not least, customer satisfaction wins hands down in favor of Hostgator. Using statistics from the reviews all over, Hostgator wins.

There you have it. Hostgator is the winner in our opinion. Dreamhost is a good hosting choice, but overall, you will have more satisfaction with Hostgator.