Hostgator vs HostMonster

HostGator and HostMonster provide affordable web hosting packages. However, the fact that web hosting service is a very sensitive area from any business’ viewpoint; it is a matter of clever analysis of few basic parameters. HostGator has always remained the ultimate choice for many business owners beating HostMonster and other web hosting companies in the industry. The following comparison just goes to show why HostGator is more of a preference than HostMonster;

Hostgator vs Hostmonster


HostGator is a fully fledged web hosting company with a broad range of plans to cater for the diverse types of customer requirements. Right from the basic domain plan called Hatchling plan going for as low as $3.96 per month, to the unlimited Business plan domain with lots of freebies going for $10.36 per month, one can really get a wide spectrum and range to choose from. On the other hand, HostMonster avails only a single hosting plan that accommodates all their services. It would therefore be difficult to work with HostMonster when you don’t want to pay for an entire plan with containing some unnecessary features for your business.


Scalability is without doubt the catchphrase in the IT industry as it is extremely essential from perspective of growth. Any software, resource or hardware must have the capacity to expand its limits and capabilities with respect to the ever growing customer specifications. The comparison between HostMonster and HostGator plainly reveals downsides with HostMonster as far as scalability criteria are concerned. It could be an excellent option for small scale or newbie needs such as an enterprise site or personal blog, however for an effective solution and a futuristic approach for your business, you need to have HostGator on your side to efficiently deal with the expanding traffic.

Customer Orientation

With over 9 years of expertise in the IT filed and a large client base consisting of over 800, 000 domains; HostGator is without doubt the best in customer orientation, support and satisfaction. This can be clearly noted in hundreds of credible reviews, forums and blogs available on the internet. HostGator has a world class customer care center that is full of technically sound professionals and staff, capable of dealing with the needs of every customer. It takes an average of 50 seconds to have your call answered by the HostGator customer care attendants. On the hand, takes more than a minute for HostMonster attendants to respond to your calls. Benchmarking HostGator vs HostMonster on customer satisfaction, the latter definitely exceeds expectations at most times.

Operating system flexibility

Here again, HostGator remains the better option because it is entirely flexible with any operating system. In fact, it provides very attractive solutions for Windows as well as Linux. In addition, one gets to enjoy superb technical support too beyond the commercial aspect of it. It is extremely hard to find this feature with any other provider including HostMonster.


Considering these and many other things that come with HostGator and are not rare to find in HostMonster; it’s undoubtedly clear to see that the former is indeed the better option. Therefore, if you are having dilemma on what to go for, you now definitely understand that HostGator is the king of the game.