Hostgator vs HostNine

Web hosting is the procedure by individuals and corporate entities to contract the services of an Internet Service Provider in order to make their websites accessible to the global audience over the World Wide Web platform. This is done by leasing storage space from an Internet Service provider firm as well as data back-ups, back-end support services, file maintenance and security features among many others. Several firms exist that perform these functions. Two of the most notable ones are: Hostgator and HostNine Companies respectively.

Hostgator vs HostNine

Hostgator is a leading Internet Service Provider that is headquartered in Houston, Texas with another branch in Austin, Texas. It provides the services of dedicated web hosting, shared servers, reseller hosting, and virtual private servers. It has an estimated client base of around eight million. Several factors abound as to why Hostgator is preferred by many a would-be customers.
First and foremost, their services are tailored to meet he unique needs of the customers. Hostgator understand that different customers have different needs. Some are professionals within the Information and Communication industry whereas others are completely ignorant of internet issues. Hostgator thus endeavours to assist each customer uniquely and n every step of the way till all their needs is met and they are completely satisfied. Secondly, Hostgator provides round the clock customer care services throughout the year. All queries and customers needs are met n a timely and efficient manager. Thirdly, Hostgator does give a new customer a forty-five day grace period within which to try their services first. Should the new customer feel dissatisfied with their services, they are at liberty to opt out during which a complete refund of the subscription fee is effected. Finally, Hostgator guarantees a customer that all necessary efforts shall be made to enhance the visibility of their site once hosted. This enables the site to stand out from among others more so in search engines.

HostNine on the other hand is similarly a web hosting company that is headquartered in Austin Texas. It has a very huge customer base all across the United States of America. HostNine has achieved this fete due to a variety of actors that include but are by no means limited to the following:

To begin with, HostNine only uses high specification hardware. This guarantees safety of the data at its disposal. Secondly, its team of highly-skilled experts carry out the maintenance and service delivery to clients thus ensuring high service delivery. Thirdly, HostNine data centres are scattered across the globe precisely in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Singapore respectively. This guarantees users of their data at all times as it guards against risks associated with major catastrophes such as wars and earthquakes. Finally, it is worth noting that HostNine too does have the forty-five day money back guarantee, twenty-four hour, seven-day a week customer support as well as customised service delivery.

As can be deduced from the arguments above, Hostgator undoubtedly stands out as the more reliable, efficient and preferred of the two Internet Service Providers for potential customers. That stated HostNine stands as a good second choice.