Hostgator vs Justhost

There are a large number of web hosting services that enable you to host your websites and other servers online. These servers are tested over times and the major factors that distinguish a high quality server from the rest are the uptime and response time. However, these factors are dependent on a large number of internal factors that we often tend to ignore.

Hostgator vs Justhost

Here, we review a few factors that distinguish the global giant HostGator from a much more cost efficient service provider JustHost.

1. Bandwidth Per User
The Hostgator servers offer a much better bandwidth to user ratio. This makes the response rate of the servers much better than the average response rate of all other competitors.

2. More Space Per User
The Hostgator servers have enormous storage space, added to it the discs are regularly maintained to offer more space to every user. Although all the hosting service providers claim unlimited space, but there is a fine print in most of them.

3. More Reliable
Hostgator is much older than the rest of the competitors which include Justhost. The hosting service provider has provided seamless service over a long period of time.

4. Great Support
The support staff of Hostgator is much better than the rest of the competition. While most of the service providers send generic responses, the Hostgator support staff sends a personalized message to each customer complaint.

5. Promotional Offers
There are consistent promotional offers on Hostgator, these offers enable you to get better bargain on all your purchases. While other sites do not have regular offers, there is a chance where you need to host multiple sites on multiple hosts. Hostgator does not offers huge discounts like many newly launched service providers, but it offers the maximum discount that any established and reliable hosting service provider offers.

6. Familiar Interface
The CPanel interface used by Hostgator is the generic CPanel interface that we all are familiar with. The other hosting service providers do not have that interface. They customize the interface that makes it hard for a new user to use.

7. Data Security
Hostgator protects your data like no other web hosting company. They have hired third party data security vendors apart from their own high end firewalls and data security systems. These third party vendors help Hostgator servers to remain ahead of the current injection and hacking tactics. That makes your online data and databases safe.

8. Data Recovery
The data saved on Hostgator servers has multiple backup, so you can use a Hostgator server to store your personal data. The data is safe and there are no chances of data loss. You might take a hosting server to store your personal photographs and other data too.

A study of Hostgator vs Justhost hosting service providers gave an insight on the type of hosting providers. There are some highly reliable hosting service providers that fight with each other on the quality of hosting services they provide, while there are other which offer services at a very low cost. They are at price war with each other.

Hostgator is a service provider which offers the fruits of both the world. If offers high quality services like premium hosting service providers, but also offers the similar price offers like many low cost service providers.