Hostgator vs Liquid Web

HostGator is among the most popular web hosting services and so is Liquid Web. Both the services offer great features but which is the best among the two? Depending on popularity, Hostgator is definitely the best. With over 2 million sites hosted on HostGator, it is evident that most people trust HostGator to Liquid Web which has slightly over 40000 sites hosted under it. When asked for the best among the two, most webmasters say they have not heard of Liquid Web. To this end, HostGator is recommended. However, Liquid Web is not that bad and also offers great services too.

Hostgator vs Liquid Web

Below is a detailed comparison of the two web hosting services:


The two have a number of similarities and a newbie looking at HostGator vs Liquid Web may be lost for choice. Both have unrestricted email accounts and unrestricted MySQL databases. Both hosting services are integrated with cPanel with the 1-click script installer making the installation process easy to handle. However, there are a number of differences that sets the best of both. A resolved comparison between the HostGator business plan and the Liquid Web standard plan shows that HostGator is the best. While HostGator offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space, Liquid Web offers 120 GB and 5 GB SSD for the two respectively. They share most of the programming languages such as PHP 5, Perl, MySQL 5, SSH and Python. However, HostGator has two extra languages; Ruby on Rails and SSL. Again, HostGator beats Liquid Web.


HostGator has been in the industry for over ten years. Webmasters who have hosted their sites on HostGator have never faced disappointment and the number of transfers from HostGator is low as compared to the number of transfers into HostGator. The company has large data centers where they house their servers. The data centers are SoftLayered. The high-tech systems in their data centers guarantee great performance and relaibility. They have redundant power with fire detection and fire suppression systems. The data centers are monitored 24/7 to ensure that a problem is detected early and dealt with instantly. To this end, HostGator customers will never have sudden interruptions. The average uptime for HostGator is 99.99 percent.

Liquid Web can also be relied thanks to their data centers located in Michigan. The company have three data centers each of which has a number of backup power generators with a runtime of up to 24 hours before refueling. They test the generators every week to ensure they are in good condition. The UPS systems that safeguard their data centers keep the company reliable and ensure there are no interruptions. The redundant battery and bypass cabinets ensures the data centers do not lose their power. The uptime for this company is 99.94 percent which is slightly lower than HostGator’s.

Support and Prices

Both companies offer a number of support features which include Live Chat, community forums, phone, Email and help platforms with video tutorials and articles. HostGator has more than 700 articles and over 50 video tutorials while Liquid web has a couple of videos and a few hundred articles. The response time for the two sites is almost the same. With millions of active members on HostGator’s community forum, you get help with ease. Liquid Web is far more expensive than HostGator, a factor that has made it lose customers to HostGator. Besides, HostGator offers discounts and Liquid Web does not.

Based on the above factors, HostGator emerges the best in HostGator vs Liquid Web. It is easy to get started on HostGator.