Hostgator vs WebHostingPad

Customer satisfaction is greatly influenced by the quality of the web hosting service provided whether the client is a small, medium or large business. HostGator is a based in Houston and is a shared, reseller and private server founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. WebHostingPad on the other hand is a robust web hosting service which provides site creation and hosting services. Below is a comparison of the two hosting service providers in several aspects.

Hostgator vs WebHostingPad


HostGator Dell servers are stored under a cutting-edge technology which covers security, cooling, power and safety for the ultimate performance. WebHostingPad data center which is located in Chicago has its data characterized with redundancy in power, fire suppression and reliable security. A close scrutiny of both companies showed that HostGator is more reliable comparing the number of downtimes experienced. WebHostingPad relies on high quality networks to ensure websites take a fast and efficient data route.


Despite the fact that HostGator has more advanced technologies like Curl, GD 2 and Ruby on Rails, both companies are well equipped with top-notch features to ensure customers get the best in terms of management and maintenance of websites. This includes an unlimited of disc storage, free advertising credits, unlimited e-mail, Python, cPanel Control panel etc.

Hosting speed

The browsing experience of clients is directly affected by the hosting speed. Hosting companies including the two have hence done their best to increase their hosting speeds to satisfactory speeds. A recently conducted performance testing showed that HostGator’s speed is 134% faster than that of WebHostingPad hence the reason as to why most customers are more attracted to the former. Besides, HostGator has a power plus plan option where you can pay a little more for safer hosting services.


HostGator provides its services for $3.96 monthly down from $6.36 which is a significant amount of discount. The 20% discount has led to a huge increase in the number of clients hence the company has come up with a special coupon known as BWH25Percent which enables customers to purchase the services at $3.71 which is a whopping 25% discount. For WebHostingPad, their discount allows clients to sign up at $1.99 per month though the rate is available for long billing cycle plan i.e. the 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year plan.

Customer care and support

Both HostGator and WebHostingPad provide sufficient technical support to customers 24/7. The support services are via email, live chat and phone. In case you have any problem, both webhosting providers have been found to provide a solution within ten minutes! However, HostGator’s response is found to be a minute faster than WebHostingPad’s.


The robustness of the two companies’ web servers provides a minimum of 99% uptime for all customers hence a tie. The websites hosted by the two companies are accessible through the stable network for their servers are located at strategic locations for high levels of redundancy and efficiency.


The in-depth comparison clearly reveals that HostGator is the better Web hosting provider than WebHostingPad for it is cheaper, faster, has higher customer satisfaction and has a higher performance. The limitation of WebHostingPad is that it is not powerful enough though it is the cheapest option for Linux hosting services for it provides services to approximately 200,000 domains worldwide.