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Meaningful Polls

The political climate is heating up as the 2012 presidential election is now down to the two candidates campaigning to become President of the United States. While countless political opinion pieces will be written, and scandals both big and small examined endlessly there is a better way for presidential candidates to see how they are reverberating with the US population at large. While many may claim that reading the latest political polls, are meaningless there are some valuable lessons to be learned from keeping up to date with recent presidential polls.

While polls vary depending on who is conducting them general trends, especially on a large scale can be difficult if not all but impossible to hide. While some may have Romney or Obama ahead by minor percentages what they can’t hide may be the wider gaps that are present for either candidate. During the 2012 Republican primaries Mitt Romney’s top competitor Rick Santorum gave him problems because he was able to connect with a base that was more socially conservative than Mitt Romney. While at the beginning of the GOP primaries 30% of the conservative base backed Romney, after Santorum’s campaign was suspended more conservatives are backing Romney as their man to beat Obama come November and will continue to do so even if Romney hasn’t won their hearts he has won their votes. Now that the polls are focused on poll numbers concerning the Obama vs Romney match up Romney’s portrayal as a far right conservative has had some negative effects in specific areas in the polls. Some things that are being revealed by recent general election polls include wide gaps for Republican nominee Romney with both women and independent voters. This information is vital to not only the candidate but for the voter who is attempting to … Read the rest

How Children Benefit From School Camping Trips

Camping trips are an excellent idea for an end-of-year activity. They’re not only fun for everyone who participates, but also educational. People often underestimate how much independence children can gain, and how many new life skills they can acquire during short periods away where they have to fend for themselves more than they would at home.

All too often nowadays, society focuses on the dangers of camping and the outdoors. “Oh, what if my child hurts himself?”, “what if someone gets lost?” etc. While others worry about not being able to cope without seeing or speaking to their child for a few days. It’s time to forget these concerns.

Camping is an age old pastime. Back in the day when parents and society as a whole worried less, children would get sent on trips alone. While it’s understandable that parents no longer want to accept this (the world is a more dangerous place), there’s no reason not to let your children go under adult supervision. They’ll come back with so many memories and stories to tell, and will be grateful to you for letting them go. It shows you trust them and think of them as grown up.

Prepare Together

To reassure yourself that your child is ready to go, prepare for the trip together. Go on a shopping trip to get him or her kitted out in sturdy camping gear, and invest in a good backpack that could last for many more camping trips to come.

Pack a first aid kit and teach your child the basics about alerting adults, disinfecting wounds and using plasters and bandages.

A lovely activity to get mum, dad and child ready for leaving day is watching a few movies about camping, or reading books.

Get to Know the Details

For peace of mind … Read the rest