May 28, 2020


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Meaningful Polls

The political climate is heating up as the 2012 presidential election is now down to the two candidates campaigning to become President of the United States. While countless political opinion pieces will be written, and scandals both big and small examined endlessly there is a better way for presidential candidates to see how they are reverberating with the US population at large. While many may claim that reading the latest political polls, are meaningless there are some valuable lessons to be learned from keeping up to date with recent presidential polls.

While polls vary depending on who is conducting them general trends, especially on a large scale can be difficult if not all but impossible to hide. While some may have Romney or Obama ahead by minor percentages what they can’t hide may be the wider gaps that are present for either candidate. During the 2012 Republican primaries Mitt Romney’s top competitor Rick Santorum gave him problems because he was able to connect with a base that was more socially conservative than Mitt Romney. While at the beginning of the GOP primaries 30% of the conservative base backed Romney, after Santorum’s campaign was suspended more conservatives are backing Romney as their man to beat Obama come November and will continue to do so even if Romney hasn’t won their hearts he has won their votes. Now that the polls are focused on poll numbers concerning the Obama vs Romney match up Romney’s portrayal as a far right conservative has had some negative effects in specific areas in the polls. Some things that are being revealed by recent general election polls include wide gaps for Republican nominee Romney with both women and independent voters. This information is vital to not only the candidate but for the voter who is attempting to be more active in voter participation. Romney’s campaign is already addressing the poll results showing he is weak among women, but you seeing these can then ask why is there a gap then research why he is polling low among women and perhaps through your own information gathering become a more informed voter come November. While women are a vital voting bloc in the upcoming 2012 elections, when asked in a recent Wall Street Journal poll what the most important topic was the 2012 presidential poll showed a majority of people were most concerned with the economy and jobs. Obama’s Job Approval rating has been hovering around 50% split, he will need to address why people should elect him for another 4 years, and how things would be different now that the economy is slowly improving from the financial crisis.

Presidential elections are long, and the media will run even more stories about he said she said, and while some may be offensive to you personally those things matter little to people come November, and polls show that although candidates should keep negative media attention to a minimum by watching what they say and how they say it, showing that you understand the core concerns of the voters is vital. But even more important is that you as a nominee can show ways of addressing effective means to improve the economy and job creation that are of crucial concerns to the majority of voters. Lastly what recent polls have indicated is that the enthusiasm surrounding the 2012 election is far below that for 2008. Most individuals are becoming very polarized, those who are die hard Republicans or Democrats will go out and support their candidate, those in the middle though see both candidates as unable to relate, or unable to help them and don’t see the point in participating in the election. All of these polls can help both candidates and voters alike to see what issues are important to the people and how our politicians need to work to meet those needs. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years. Is this new president will provide education in every place, or also provide a uniform water supply throughout the region, or also provide sufficient Pensii funds for the old age of the workers.